About Programs

Get involved in CYT beyond the stage! CYT has many programs in place that foster theater arts in the community and we’d love for you to take part in the various initiatives that CYT has going on.


High School Youth Pursuing Excellence (HYPE) is a leadership training group designed to challenge and guide advanced CYT students to be leaders inside and outside of the theater. HYPE holds regular meetings and plans social events, fundraisers, and service projects for CYT and the community. High school students interested in participating must go through an application process and commit to serving in HYPE for one year.


The CYT EXPO is an annual celebration of our CYT family. It is a chance for leaders and students from CYT Branches across the country to come together to equip, play, and connect through workshops, gathering, and sharing. The EXPO is open to CYT students ages 12-18 and Branch leadership. It hosts CYT’s national Improvathon competition, HYPE trainings, leadership meetings, and lots of play.