A Small Cast Undersea Musical Adventure

Everybody loves the international bestseller and award-winning book, The Rainbow Fish, with its wonderful message of friendship and belonging.  Now you can bring the magical, colorful world of the deep blue sea to life on your stage!  

With shiny, multi-colored scales, Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in all of the ocean, and the only one of his (or her!)  kind.  When Rainbow Fish refuses to share his vibrant, shimmering scales, the whole ocean seems to turn against the vain creature.  Unhappy that no one adores him anymore, the Rainbow Fish seeks out the wise Octopus, who helps him learn that it’s far better to be admired for being kind than for being beautiful.  

With a bubbly, energetic score, and a script that invites wonderful creativity and flexibility, the universal message at the heart of this delightful musical becomes much more than just a simple children’s story.

This small-cast musical was created at the renowned Bay Area Children’s Theatre, where it premiered to great acclaim in front of over 5000 enthusiastic young audience members.  With a dynamic cast as small as five players, this well-crafted musical — sure to become a TYA classic — teaches young audiences that the joy of beauty is in sharing it with others.

Adapted from the book by Marcus Pfister, translated into English by J.  Alison James, with illustrations by Marcus Pfister.
Script, music, and lyrics by Austin Zumbro, adapted from the book written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister.
Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colorado.

This production will use pre-recorded music provided by the production house. 

You may buy a ticket for $30 to receive a link to view the show at your convenience. A link will be sent after our show closes on Saturday, December 5th. 
Tickets are available to our show's opening on December 5th at 2pm for $5 per household. 
An email will be sent to you just before the show begins. 

Run time: 60 minutes

Dates / Times:

  • Saturday, Dec 5th @ 2:00pm

Ticket Prices:

You will receive just prior to the production opening on December 5th at 2pm an email with the link for viewing this production. IF you want to purchase a ticket that enables you to watch the show anytime then purchase a $5 ticket for December 5th at 2pm and email us at The balance of $25 will be placed in your CYT Tucson account. Once the balance is paid a link will be sent to after the 2pm show closes.


Show Notes:

Stage Director 
Daniela Ayala is a native from Yuma, Az that fell in love with theatre at the age of 9 when she heard The Phantom of the Opera for the first time. Since then, she has been a part of many productions, backstage and onstage. Her acting credits include Mrs. Savage (Curious Savage), Mrs. Bucket (Willy Wonka), and Margot (The Diary of Anne Frank). She has her Associate’s in Theatre from Arizona Western College, where she directed The Great Gatsby and Cagebirds, and has gone to direct several community plays such as The Diary of Anne Frank, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Real Women Have Curves. Daniela also created the Summer Youth Theatre Program in Yuma, AZ, a program to teach different theatre elements to children over the summer which is in its 6th year. She was also the stage director for Freaky Friday, a CYT production. She has recently graduated with a Master of Science in Biology and teaches both high school and college courses.

Show Chair 
Lisa Foster as the show chair is the communication link between the artistic team and you. She will have all the answers to your questions regarding CYT Tucson's production process. This is the person you report rehearsal absences.

 * You must be enrolled in two virtual fall session classes to be granted an audition slot. 

THIS musical is for 8- 12 yr old students only. 

If there is large interest there will be a double cast and two showtimes. 

** Included in the production fee of $125 is a printed script, tee-shirt, and copy of recorded digital instrumentals.

The production fee is due the day of callbacks on September 19th. No refunds will be issued. 

Parents are expected to assist in procuring props and costumes for their children to ensure the safety of our families. This is truly a "family-inspired" production.

We normally charge a costume fee but it will be waived for the virtual production to help offset the costs associated with acquiring simple costumes and props. 

* This musical is for 8-12 yr old students only. You must be enrolled in 2 virtual fall session classes to be granted an audition slot. 
All rehearsals will be conducted via the Zoom meeting space. You will receive an email containing the link each week when the rehearsal schedule is finalized. 

This production will use pre-recorded music provided by the production house but your music director will oversee vocal instruction. 

**The students will learn more than the typical production as they will take an active role in designing the costume/props/scenery. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for your young budding actor to have a role to really focus on acting and so much more. 

Run time: 60 minutes

Cast size flexible from 5-9 members

AUDITON Submission will be Friday, September 18th  no later than 6 pm.
There is one slot only since all auditions are pre-recorded and submitted via email to 
Register for an audition through your CYT Tucson account by selecting the "Audition" tab. This is not a live audition but you must register. 

Further details will be in your audition registration email. 

You will perform a 32 bar or 1-minute musical theater vocal selection. We are offering an audition prep master class prior to the fall session beginning.
Check it out here: Vocal Audition Prep 101.

Rehearsals will take place over nine Saturdays beginning September 26th for only 1-2 hrs each week depending on role etc... 

The production will be recorded and professionally edited. This is not a live stream. The ticketed watch party will take place on December 5th at 2pm  to allow enough time for the show's compilation. 


Parent Meeting

Saturday, September 26th 9:00am

There will be a virtual parent's meeting to give an overview of logistics for this production. Look for an email after securing your audition slot.


The Rainbow Fish

The sheltered prince. Young, niave, self-centered, his self worth has been defined by his beauty his entire life. SInce he has never left the reef where he is famous, his limited worldview has been continually reinforced.

Little Fish

A kid-fish. Unafraid and curious, but also aware that those qualities don't always add up to positive social interactions. Believes being annoying is an acceptable outcome for getting what you want.


The court jester. A happy, unflappable simpleton.

Ms. Minnow

The teacher. Gentle and guiding.


The soothsayer. A sage, handy, cave-dweller who lives far from the coral reef.


The stuffy aristocrat. Style editor for the Coral Chronicle.

Hermit Crab

A kid-crab. Part of the school. A happy, unflappable nerd.


A kid- fish. A little sarcastic.


Another stuffy aristocrat. Garden Society president annoyed by circus clown remarks.