Current Staff Members:

Korby Myrick

I am a Tucson native with deep roots in our music and theater communities. As a young child I began studying piano. That lit a spark that led me to pursue both my Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and Master’s degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Arizona. For over 35 years I have sung leading roles on the stages of opera companies and symphony orchestras around the world. And because of my background in piano and education, I have had the opportunity to serve numerous musical theater and opera companies as music director, pianist, conductor and stage director. In other words, there isn’t a whole lot I haven’t done when it comes to the theater! As Artistic Director I will have a “hands-on” approach to the training of the students who pass through the doors of CYT. I want to ensure that they receive the best that my brilliant colleagues have to offer in the areas of singing, musicianship, drama, and dance, as well as the technical aspects of theater. I plan to choose new and exciting productions that have never before been done by CYT. My hope is that these productions will challenge the students in many different ways. After each production I will meet individually with the students and their parents to offer my assessment of their participation and growth, and, in turn, to learn from the students what their experience with CYT has meant to them, and what they might like to see changed in the future. Over the years I have seen many schools remove their arts programs. But I know from my own experience how being involved in the arts can change lives for the better. I believe that today it is even more urgent to keep wonderful programs like CYT thriving. It is my promise to you to do just that, so that CYT can continue to bring families together through the arts while reflecting the Creator.