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Congratulations to the Winners of our Little Mermaid Raffles!

We drew winners for our raffles at the close of our final performance on Sunday. Winners will be contacted via phone if they were not present at that time.

We also want to give a big congratulations to our winning ticket seller, Sophia Franklin! Way to go!

Srike Award Winners!

Rose Award - Ani Ehramjian
Screwball - Axel Anderson
Sparkplug - Ty Vanselow
Real Trooper - Mandy Ressler
Watchdog - Timi Post
Leapfrog - Megan Arkley
Golden Flip Flop - Kristen Keller
Crew  - Keeli Rodriguez

We have more tickets for the Jim Click Raffle!

For those who are still interested in purchasing Jim Click raffle tickets, we have more on hand. We will call those who expressed interest this weekend.
2015-2016 SEASON