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About CYT Classes  
Class Policies  
Scholarships  Spring Scholarship Deadline is January 29th
Scholarship Information  Updated Information on Our Scholarship Program
Scholarship Application  Class Scholarship Application
Production Scholarship  Additional Application for Production Scholarship
CYT Promo Video 2013  
Callboard Instructions  
Behavior Contract  All Class Students Required to Have This Form on File
Medical Release  All Class Students Required to Have This Form on File

2017 - 2018 Classes & Productions

We will be transitioning to a new website in July. Fall class and production information will be posted after the transition. Our fall classes will begin September 4th (NW) & 5th (EAST).

About CYT Classes

CYT classes offer many benefits and opportunities to the young people of the community. Training in singing, dance, drama, makeup, set building, accents and dialects, stunts and special effects are just some of the topics offered in three 10-week terms (some terms may only be 9 weeks due to holidays, etc) each year in each area. Classes, limited to 15 students, are taught by experienced theater arts people--teachers, performers and professionals. Some of our current teachers began their careers as students in CYT classes. Just as important as the teaching of theater arts skills is the positive effect that theatrical experience and performance has on the self-discipline, self-confidence and self esteem of young people. Some CYT students go on to pursue careers in entertainment, but they all gain poise, experience, self-confidence and an appreciation for the arts that only comes from participating in a stage production. CYT offers young people an opportunity to keep busy, to learn, to develop their talents, to interact with friends and to be positive members of their community.

Classes may include but are not limited to:

• Intro to theater for ages 5 - 7
• Dance
• Drama
• Voice
• Musical Theater
• Auditions and Callbacks
• Comedy and Improv
• Technical Theater classes such as Make Up or Set Design
• Stunts and Combat

Enrolled students, ages 8 – 18, have the opportunity to audition for a CYT Broadway-style musical! Younger students may serve as helpers at CYT shows, and students ages 13 and up may work on a backstage crew.

Classes are held once a week for two hours, and run for ten consecutive weeks. During the tenth class week, a showcase is presented in which each class performs a brief prepared presentation, showcasing what they have learned over the session. Every CYT student participates in the showcase.


Thank you to Lance Dickson and his family for providing The Dickson Family Scholarship Fund. There are hundreds of local kids who benefit from this program.

Our goal is to never turn away a child interested in pursuing the Arts because of financial need! If you are seeking scholarship approval, please download the scholarship form and information at the top of the class page.

  • Summer Camp Scholarship Deadline is May 28th
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline to be considered. Late submissions and walk-in applications will not be accepted.
  • Application does not guarantee scholarship.
  • Families must complete a full-length scholarship for summer camp.
  • Scholarships are given consideration for up to 50%
Scholarship Information

Scholarship Application

Production Scholarship

Class Policies

Code of Conduct:
  • Respect for teachers, staff, parents, and other students is expected at all times.
  • Honoring language will be used. Name-calling, profanity and/or inappropriate actions will not be tolerated.
  • Students' conduct will be respectful of property, and therefore, any damage done to property will be replaced or repaired by the student.
  • CYT expects purity of self in relationships with others and one's own body; therefore, drugs, alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited. Overt physical contact between students is inappropriate at CYT activities.
  • Maintain appropriate content and images on any and all social media (Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.). Remembering that you are representing CYT and are a role model for other students and should exhibit Judeo-Christian values.
  • Students who are cast in a production are required to attend all their CYT classes for the entire session, including Showcase on the last day of class.
  • CYT wants all students to do their best and believe the Lord will do a good work in their lives.
Dress Code:
  • CYT expects students to dress modestly and appropriately, in a way that promotes a healthy environment and eliminates distractions.
  • Overly tight or revealing clothing is not acceptable.
  • Midriffs must be covered, even when arms are raised or when seated.
  • Undergarments are not to be visible or exposed.
  • For safety reasons closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times (NO sandals, Crocs, flip-flops or open-toed shoes are permitted at any CYT activity).
Medical / Photo Release:
  • If you or your child is involved in a Christian Youth Theater class or production, you are hereby advised that our organization does not carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance for participants or volunteers. If you or your child should suffer an injury while participating in our production, you will be personally responsible for your medical or injury related expenses.
  • I also give permission to the designated adult supervisor in charge to secure emergency medical treatment for the minor involved. I also agree to hold CYT, and/or their assignees, harmless in the event of an injury or accident. I hereby authorize and consent that CYT shall have the absolute right to copyright, publish, use, sell or assign any and all photographs, portraits or pictures, television spots, movie films, videotapes and/or sound recordings, or any part thereof, that have been taken of my child, or in which my child may be included in whole or in part.
  • All registrations must be made online at (assistance over the phone is available by calling 520-751-7510.
  • Tuition must be paid in full in order to register for a CYT Tucson class.
  • Scholarship applications must be recieved by the deadline for consideration. Late or walk-in applications will not be accepted. (See scholarship section below for more information.)
  • Late registration will be accepted through the 2nd class week, but must be paid for in full, regardless of missed classes.
  • Students cast in a show are required to regularly attend a minimum of 80% of their classes during the session, including the Showcase, or dismissal from the show may result.
  • All students under 12 years of age must be walked directly to and from class.  No students under 12 will be allowed to wait out in the parking lots for pick up.  Our Gang students must also be signed in and out by a parent. Older students may sign themselves in and out.
Class Transfers:
  • A student may only switch to a class different from the one for which they were originally registered through the end of the second week, if there is space available in the class. In order to transfer, they must receive permission from the Artistic Director,  Area Coordinator, their parent and the instructor for the class into which they wish to transfer. 
Withdrawal/Refund Policy:
  • We do not give refunds.
  • A student wishing to withdraw from class will receive credit toward a future session minus a $35 processing fee and a pro-rated amount of $15/class for each class attended prior to withdrawal.
  • This credit is only available through the end of the second week of class. After that NO CREDITS are issued.
  • No credits are available to students who audition.
  • There is no expiration on CYT credit, which may also be used for tickets or merchandise.

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