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 A Midsummer Night's Dream  —  The Classic Tale of Mischievous Fairies and Love

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Venue: Pima Community College Center for the Arts Black Box Theatre (address)
Dates: June 30 - July 1, 2017  (2 Performances)
The classic tale of mischievous fairies and love, set in the Athenian woods. It portrays the adventures of four young lovers and a group of amateur actors, their interactions with woodland fairies and a duke and duchess. Join Bye Bye Birdie Director, Luke Young for this exciting 2 week camp that will challenge our older actors. The camp will conclude with the staged production of A Midsummer...  Read More

School Days Reservations

Reserve your seats for our 2016-2017 School Days Performances!.

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About CYT Shows


During each session, every CYT area produces a Broadway-style musical for the community.

Enrollment in class provides students ages 8 (or who will be 8 at the end of the session) and 18 (at the time of audition) the opportunity to audition for the current production. Roughly seventy students are cast in each CYT production. Additionally, about twenty students will serve on the crew of each show, since CYT is children’s theater for children and by children.

Sutdents must audition and additional fees are required in order to participate in our productions. Production fees are non-refundable .

Since CYT is a family oriented organization, parents of each student cast in the production are asked to serve on one of several production committees. Without the support of parents, CYT could not produce high-quality, community-pleasing shows.

Through theater arts education, families are learning what it means to be a part of a thriving larger community. The common goal of theater productions with CYT’s particular model of total family involvement lends itself well to developing stronger family ties in each family, as well as stronger community ties between families. Each production is the result of the dedication and work of hundreds of individuals pitching in to create something truly extraordinary.

Audition Tips

 · PREPARATION: Prepare the best audition that you can. For call backs, research the show and learn about the parts. You can even learn the music by checking out a show online or on

· BEHAVIOR: Directors want to work with people who behave well, and they will ask your Area Coordinator and others about you. Don’t harm your chances of being cast in a show by poor behavior in class, at rehearsals, at shows, and even at auditions and call backs (it happens!)

· VOCAL TRAINING: Take CYT classes and/or private voice instruction to improve your vocal range and performance. Remember how important enunciation and projection are for musical theater.

· DANCE TRAINING: Lack of dance ability often keeps good singers and actors from getting parts in musical theater. Keep practicing and learning. Move with energy!

· COLD READINGS: Show the director good character development and appropriate emotion at call backs.

Other audition tips
• Keep your song limited to one minute or less.
• In most cases an upbeat song is best. Show enthusiasm and energy.
• Make sure the song is in the right key for you.
• Do not sing a song from the show for which you are auditioning.
• If you can walk around your house singing the song, it will probably work for you.
• If possible, have a rehearsal tape made in order to practice.
• Introduce yourself with energy and confidence. Hi! My name is _____, I am ___ years old and I’ll be singing _____ from ____.
• Project, make eye contact with the directors and audience, and be well prepared.
• Sell yourself and your song. If you are not a singer, that’s ok; give the directors a show and you will win them over.
• Keep the use of props and costumes to a minimum.
• Smile, smile, smile and energy, energy, energy!
• There are some things you can do absolutely nothing about which may have a huge bearing on casting. These include your height, your coloring, your overall “look” and what part you sing (soprano, alto, etc.), as well as what specific parts are available in a particular production. There are also some factors that depend on other people. How tall are the other actors who have auditioned? What is the director’s “vision” of physical types for various parts? How is the “chemistry” between possible on-stage couples?

Do You Have Some Audition Song Suggestions for Younger Students?
Easy Songs:
• “The Bear Necessities” from Jungle Book
• “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music
• "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan
Medium Songs:
• “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” from Annie
• “Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King
• “I Am 16 Going on 17” from The Sound of Music
Advanced Songs:
• “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio
• “Consider Yourself” from Oliver
• “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid

It is recommended that you select a song from musical theater or a Disney movie.
Pop songs and worship songs are not good audition choices.

Where Do I Get CYT Audition Tracks?
Jonni Glaser, a CYT parent in the San Diego, provides services to CYT kids that helps them select and customize and audition song for you. For services provided and costs, please go to CYT Tucson will provide an accompanist for your audition. You can purchase sheet music at: or at Beaver's Bandbox or Chicago Music here in Tucson.


What Happens At Call Backs And What Part Do They Play In The Casting Process?
Call backs are a way of taking another look at a student with a specific part(s) in mind. Students will dance and sing to show music and read from the show script. You do not have to prepare anything for call backs, although listening to the Broadway soundtrack from the musical and reading the script can make you more prepared.

Dress comfortably, relax and enjoy this step of the audition process!

Just because you are not called back does not mean that you are not being cast in the show. Also, just because you are called back does not mean you are automatically cast in the show.

How Will I Find Out If I’ve Been Called Back?
The director will tell you after you've auditioned in your group if you are called back. Our call backs are usually done on Saturday afternoons.

Closed Callbacks: What Does This Mean?
The term closed call backs means that only the artistic team can watch. If you are called back, you are simply dropped off and picked up at your assigned times.

What Do I Bring If I Get Called Back?
Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable, non-slip shoes (no flip flops or clogs please). You'll want to be sure to wear something that you can move or dance in, as well as your dance shoes. Bring a water bottle. If your call back happens to occur over lunch time, you may bring a sack lunch with you. Once call backs have begun, parents will not be able to drop off a sack lunch.

Cast lists are usually posted by the Wednesday after callbacks.
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