Thank you to Lance Dickson and his family for providing The Dickson Family Scholarship Fund. Hundreds of local students benefit from this program.

Our goal is to never turn away a child interested in pursuing the arts because of financial need. If you are seeking scholarship approval, please review the following policies follow the link below to submit an application.

2018-2019 Scholarship Application Dates
  • Fall Session - July 13th through August 13th
  • Winter Session - 
  • Spring Session - 
  • We use Title One information as the basis for our levels of need.
  • Application deadlines are enforced to allow us to plan for scholarship dispersal to serve the most applicants possible. For this reason, applications must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered. Late submissions and walk-in applications will not be accepted.
  • All applications will be reviewed following the closing date for submission.
  • Families are given scholarship consideration for up to 50%.
  • Forms must be completed for each student in the family and scholarship discounts will apply to the entire family. If a family is granted scholarship for class participation, they will also receive a scholarship for participation in the production if their child is cast in the show.
  • Application submission does not guarantee a scholarship.
  • Scholarships and discounts are not available for our master classes or any special classes outside the regular class sessions.